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    I am unable to log in and do not get an error message

    Linda Noblin

      I have not been able to log in to install flash player to my MacBookPro.    I have been on chat and the advisor recommend I go through this forum.


      My login ID [email removed - just don't want you to get a mountain of spam]


      While I am able to login to the adobe site, I am unable to log in after downloading the installation file  when I get to the directions box that says"Install Adobe Flash Player is an application downloaded from the Internet.  Are you sure you want to open it? I click OPEN and then get a box which says "INSTALL ADOBE FLASH PLAYER wants to make changes.  Type your password to allow this"  It is at this point that the box jiggles after I enter my username which is my email address and my password and I am unable to proceed with the instalation.


      I am trying to set up my new MACBOOK PRO, but this happens on both my old macbook pro and the new one.