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    backgound colors for IE8


      i built a landing page and micro site but the backgound colors dont appear in IE8 what do i have to do to have my backgound colors and styles appear in IE8?

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          Nancy O. Legend

          Answers are in your code.  Can you share a link?

          IE8 doesn't support CSS gradients.  If you're using them, you'll need to add MS filter alternates.



          Nancy O.

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            Mike M Ninja

            background: #000000;




            background-color: #000000;


            should both work with IE8.


            I never had any troubles with that. Check your CSS for missing punctuation too.  ":", ";" or "}" missing can or will throw everything after it off.

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              Nancy O. Legend

              rgba (color & transparency)  is not supported in pre-IE9 browsers.


              You'll need to feed older browsers an IE conditional comment with hex color codes.  Put this below all other styles and links to external CSS files -- just before the closing </head> tag.



              <!--[if lt IE 9]>
              body {background-color: #7CEF09;}


              That said, transparency isn't well supported either.  So you would need to use some opacity filters for that.  However I caution against using Filters as they create other unpleasant side effects such as disabling Clear Type.


              I'll be so glad when IE8 is dead!




              Nancy O.


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                JJkeeganVI Newcomer


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                  Mike M Ninja

                  body                    {background-color: rgba(102,204,0,.5);}


                  change that to


                  body                    {background-color: #6C0;}


                  and drop the opacity since older browsers won't "play well" with it anyway.


                  I try to stay away from RGBA color declarations and use hexadecimal. It's a personal preference which most likely makes no difference, but I can't see the purpose in decalring an opacity in a background.

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                    JJkeeganVI Newcomer

                    I was using the transparency to lighten the colors how should I go about doing hex and get the lightened colors



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                      Mike M Ninja



                      There's a converter at that link.


                      Transparency is not a property that older browsers "do well" without a lot of tweaking.  Pick solid colors and leave them 100% if you want full compatibility with older IE.  I detest having to add all kinds of extra junk to a page just to make it work with a browser that should be more compatible with 2013 web standards... especially one from a company whose OS is on more computers than any other. It forces me to "keep it simple" in a lot of my designs, but I tell clients and I even put on soem sites I build that "this will look better in a browser other than IE". I really think Microsoft sould get out of the broiwser business. after all, they've demonstrated over the last fifteen years that they can't even get Windows right until a version has been around for ten years, and then what do they do? Replace it with something that people can't stand.

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