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    Please confirm wether you are working on the SDK's for the new Jot Touch Stylus

    Volition74au Level 1

      Adonit have released an upgraded Stylus and hence PS touch does not work with the new stylus to it's full extent that is it doesn't even have the pressure registered. It basically renders the stylus as good as a finger. Adonit have new SDK for the software developers and have not had a confirmation at this point from Adobe re PS touch that they are working or aware, I believe.


      I am requesting that the Adobe developers confirm their intentions re the new SDK. Can they confirm they are aware of it and are going to implement it or not. If so do they have a timeframe approximately.


      I would like to register my desire for Adobe to work on this and ask others to do the same. Note there are other discussions on this topic and I would like to add to the desire for this. I also ask that the suite of capabilities for this pen are utilised also. e.g. palm rejection, assign actions to the 2 buttons, 2000 levels of pressure, and more


      Adobe can contact Adonit at apps@adonit.net to also confirm their intent so they can put it on their list of in development.






      I can't find an email address to ask for this directly.