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    Edge Inspect + Wamp + Virtual Hosts?


      Hi, hopefully someone in here can help me in my quest...


      I am currently using a windows based dev setup with wamp. I have Edge Inspect all installed and working through the Chrome extension and can connect my devices without any issue...


      As part of our dev workflow we use our hosts file to redirect domains to the localhost server and then virtualhosts to deliver the sites to the browser. This causes issues for Edge Inspect and I am wondering if there is a way around it. The sites we are working on in many cases are re-designs or additional work on existing sites, using their proper domain name.


      The majority of the dev work uses CMS platforms that store urls within the database which is why we opted for this setup - to simplify migration of different versions of the sites from dev server to live server.


      You know what my problem is now don't you? :-)


      When we fire up Edge Inspect, connect the browser and view the site we get the dev version on the PC and the live version on the device! Is there a way of getting Edge Inspect to use the hosts file from the host PC so that it will display the dev version?


      Finger crossed as I've googled it to death and not come up with anything for this exact scenario...