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    Premiere Pro CS6 Preview/Rendering Issue


      Hello, all. I have been working with Premiere for almost a decade now, so I'm very familiar with the workflow...but ever since upgrading to CS6 I've had a few peculiar issues. Granted, the upgrade in version was not the only changes, so I'm going to try to pin down exactly what's going on.


      The Setup:


      Intel Core2Quad 2.6 GHz

      4 GB RAM

      Windows 8

      250 GB Hardrive


      1 TB External drive connected via USB 2.0 holding all footage and audio


      I am in a "mode" of recording on-screen footage of videogames for deployment to Youtube and other similar mediums. I use screen-capture software Bandicam to capture the games in 720p and edit them using Premiere Pro CS6. All the footage, at the point of capture, is written to the external hard drive.


      If I open Premiere right after filming, drag in the clips, edit them, export them - there is no issue at all. Everything works perfectly.


      However, if I do some editing, then close the program and/or shut down the PC...when I bring back up the project, everything goes haywire. I get a mixture between "Media Pending" on all my clips, or simply black preview footage. I would let it sit for long periods of time, thinking it would sort itself out in a few minutes...but it seems to be hit or miss. In the past, after wrestling with it, eventually it cooperates. On this latest edit, however, all my renders come up completely black. Audio is intact, titles added in Premiere are intact, even one 3-second clip is working, but the entire rest of the video is black.


      So I did my usual routine (after being annoyed at wasting a 1.5 hour render) and let all the clips sort themselves out (took an undue amount of time) so I could scrub through the editing timeline and everything seemed fine. Render again. Same exact result, completely black.


      What's the deal with this Media Pending thing? No matter what I do, nothing seems to resolve it. Again, editing it right after recording works perfectly fine with 0 problems, but I can't always (obviously) edit it immediately. Anybody else having these issues or know how to resolve it? Thank you.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          Some screen capture apps write clips that are not exactly standard. What are the particulars of your screencapture videos? At the very least, it would be good to know the wrapper and codec. Ideally, post all the info from MediaInfo.

          I'm not sure why the clips would import and behave well initially but give problems in subsequent sessions. One thing that might be worth trying: On the Media tab of the Preferences dialog, disable "Write XMP ID to files on Import." I'm not familiar with the "Enable Clip and XMP Metadata Linking" option, but couldn't hurt to try disabling that one, too.

          So right now it sounds like your content is not "Media Pending" but just black. Is this true in both the Source Mon and the Program Monitor? Are all the timecodes shown in the Project panel correct--Media Start/End, Video In Point/Out Point, Audio In Point/Out Point?

          When clips show as Media Pending, what Status does the Project panel show? If it's "offline," have you tried relinking (Clip>Link Media)?

          How about trying with at least some of the content on the internal HDD rather than the external--just to determine whether the problem has to do with the external drive, or its cable.