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    Flex Builder 2 Workspace Crash


      I'm using the Coldfusion Flex Application Wizard on a Windows Vista Home machine and everything works fine until I attempt to add a detail page using several tables from my database. When I save the file FB2 crashes and I receive a microsoft error - javaw.exe stopped...JVM terminated error 255... The program works fine on my Windows XP machine so I am running compatibility XPSP2 on the Vista machine but it still crashes. Any ideas on how to stop FB2 from crashing?

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          skipduey Level 1

          I have figured out that the problem is with my database structure not Vista...

          I'm trying to set up a many-to-many relationship between two tables "tutors" and "students" using MS Access 2003/2007 and Flex Builder 2's Coldfusion Flex Application Wizard. I have created a junction table "link_students_tutors" containing both tutor_id and student_id (as primary keys) from the corresponding tables. I then create one-to-many joins from both tables to the junction table (as per various documentation online) and save the relationship.

          My problem occurs when I attempt to set up a detail page in FB2 Coldfusion Flex Application Wizard. I am trying to set up a tutor detail form where each associated student is displayed below in a table. When I add the tutors table, the junction table and create a one-to-many (tutor_id to tutor_id) join this works fine. However when I add the students table to the query builder and create the second one-to-many join (as per online documentation) I receive an error:

          The following tables have more than one many sided joins attached to them "link_tutors_students"
          The following tables are starting tables meaning the form is not a single entiity:
          tutors, students

          If i change the join link_students_tutors to students to a many-to-one (reverse the join) FB2 crashes and I receive the afore mentioned JVM error.

          Setting up the database with only one-to-many joins (ie. tutors-students joined by foreign key of student_id in tutors table) everything works fine. However, students can also have multiple tutors therefore this design is insufficient.

          Does anyone know how to get the FB2 Coldfusion Application Wizard to display multiple tables on a detail page using a many-to-many relationship.