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    HDD replacement


      So, it would appear that my previews/exports drive is dying. During an antivirus scan, I noticed it was making continuous clicking/grinding noises throughout scanning this drive, and whenever I am accessing it now, I often hear some sort of noise. It still runs fine though, with no apparent speed hit. Obviously, this loss isn't a huge deal, since its all replaceable stuff, and I have since opted to back it up as well, in case there is something important on there for some reason.


      My question is, have SSDs finally advanced to the point where I can use one for write intensive actions such as the caches/renders/etc? Or am I better off still going with a traditional 7200RPM drive? Cost may be the limiting factor here, as the larger capacity SSDs are still a little rich for my blood, but I was curious to hear what the community thinks.


      The failing drive is a 1 TB refurbished WD RE4 (so there's no warranty, of course. It was cheap.) Other drives in the system include a 128GB Crucial M4 SSD, another refurbished WD RE4 that is working fine, a 2 TB Toshiba that was a replacement for an RE4 that went bad right away, and a 3TB external Seagate used for backup. If you have recommendations for replacement drives, send 'em my way.




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          SSD drives are fine for cache or writing operations at this point. You can writ 20GB a day to an Intel drive and not burn the MLC cycles in 10 years. If you use as a cache drive just remember to format or clean all command as a periodic maintenance.