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    User can not print

    Anders Bergquist

      One user can not print from Photoshop CC. I have test other users from the same computer and they can print.

      I use Windows 7 Ultimate and SBS 2011.


      Is there a way to clear all Photoshop CC from a user profile? it must be the first try.

      Does someone know other user related problem with printing in Photoshop?

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          Level 7

          All Photoshop settings that might affect this are in the Photoshop preferences folder.

          You can use control-alt-shift to reset the prefs on launch, or delete the preferences folder.


          And the settings that are stored are OS print records that come straight from the OS and printer driver.

          But we have seen cases where newer printer drivers have problems with their older print records.

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            Anders Bergquist Level 1


            After lots of work, I found the problem. A corrupt local user profile.

            After logon on another computer and everything work, I try to identify the cause on the user profile.


            After I remove the local profile, I using a network so it creates minor problems, everything works.


            The thing which make me not think about this was that all other program, even Adobe, could print.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Great news, and thank you for reporting the cause, plus the fix.