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    Web App Pagination at top of page

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      Does anyone know how to add Web App pagination to the top of the page as well as it automatically appearing at the bottom? Is this possible?

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          thetrickster888 Level 4

          BC's web app module automatically inserts pagination when your web app items exceed the limit you specify in {module_webapps}.  It automatically adds it after the list of web app items. 


          I don't think there's any layout or template that you can modify to update this.  Your best bet is to use some javascript or jQuery to do this. If you already have jQuery implemented on your site it's a pretty easy fix.


          1. Add some HTML markup to hold your top navigation above where you use the {module_webapps}, like this: <ul class="top-pagination"></ul>
            1. It's an empty UL and we'll use jQuery to insert our bottom navigation into it.
          2. Now, near your closing <body> tag or at least after the {module_webapps} code, insert some jQuery that:
            1. On page load, checks to see if your target element exists to hold our duplicated pagination and checks to see if there's pagination on the page, if so:
            2. Grab BC's pagination list item's html content and insert it into your top pagination element.


          You can check out an example of the jQuery script and how to implement it with some comments at:



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            Helen Eichel Level 1

            Thanks thetrickster888 - this worked well!