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    Last frame transferred to next sequence?




      I have a problem with premiere inserting the last frame of one sequence onto the first frame of the next, like this:


      |----sequence1----|  – black space – |(!last frame from previous clip)----sequence2-----|


      It's only 1 frame and on every other clip, so there's no real "system" or logic pattern to what is causing it. Its really annoying because i have alot of clips, and alot of work would go into cutting away every first frame on all of the affected sequences..


      What am I doing wrong?


      Media is the same format, so no fps mixing. I've been using premiere for a while, but never seen this before.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I think that you might be confusing two terms in PrPro, "Sequence" and "Clip."


          A Sequence is basically a Timeline in PrPro, where a Clip is your Asset, i.e. Video, Still Image, Title, etc.


          If you are seeing a stray Frame, from a previous Clip, then it was likely not Trimmed properly, and was probably Cut, one Frame short of where you thought you were Cutting.


          Now, if you are Moving a Clip between Sequences, there could be other issues.


          First, please let us know if you ARE talking about Sequences, or if you are talking about Clips instead.


          Thanks, and good luck,