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    arrow-shaped cursor does not change anymore

    Alibented Level 1

      I recently noticed that my dcr Shockwave movies do not behave like before.
      I have been using on mouseEnter (or on mouseWithin) to instruct the arrow-shaped cursor to change to a hand when entering (or being over) a hotspot to indicate that clicking on it will create a response.
      I have been doing this for more than a decade and it worked perfectly (also in Windows 7) so far, but now I see that the shape of the cursor refuses to chance anymore.
      Now, on keeping the cursor placed over a hotspot, I see the cursor change to a hand every second or so for only a split of a second.
      However, clicking on the hotspot does give the required response.
      I use Windows 7 and have the latest Shockwave Player installed on my computer.

      When creating a Shockwave dcr movie (I use Director 11) I see in the preview given that all works well, but after re-opening the movie it acts like described above.
      When creating a Shockwave projector everything works perfectly, but for various reasons I don't want to use a projector.
      It used to work perfectly on all previously made movies, so it seems like it has something to do with the latest Shockwave Player.

      Does anybody have a suggestion how to solve this problem ?