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    Integrating Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst

    HippieBoy Chris Level 1
      Hello. Normally I don't take on CMS or E-Commerce sites because I'm kinda simple in the head when it comes to figuring out code and stuff, but with the integration between Adobe Muse and Adobe Business Catalyst I'm thinking about giving it a shot. (And I kinda need the moolah, to be honest...)

      I'm trying to bid two sites, one CMS and one a fairly small E-Commerce, both for the same customer. I'm hoping to find a kind and patient person with Business Catalyst and Muse experience who can help me figure out what BC will cost so I can bid the job accurately (BC has so many different packages and whatnot I really don't know which one to buy - I'm truly baffled by the options and don't want to bid the sites based on BC costing me $400 a year, only to find I need to buy the $900/month option), then help answer all the goofy questions I'll have when I try to get Muse and BC to work together. If anyone is willing to help me through this project via phone and/or e-mail, please PM me - I'll gladly pay for your time (I don't expect good advice for free).