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    PC build and Disk Setup for a Pro-Wannabe


      Hi All,


      I know everyone asks these questions and I thought I will not but, when you spend more than $3000 it feels their is no "Harm" in asking the question (but hopefully their will be Harm somewhere in the comments).


      So, after waiting for the Mac Pro update for 2 years (just to fool myself that I may buy it), I have decided to move from the Mac OS to Windows after 4 years. I was only using a Macbook Pro to edit and feel now have the suitable experience to begin working on an actual machine.

      If you ask my budget, I didn't have any so I went on a buying frenzy with my credit cards and will hopfully be driven to work harder to pay it off .


      Here are the parts I have bought:

      1. CPU - Intel 3930K (duh! I don't see a point in waiting for the 4th Gen)
      2. Mobo - ASUS P9X79 Pro
      3. RAM - GSkillz 32GB (8GBx4) @ 1600MHz 9-9-9 (as 3930K is limited to 1600MHz and 1.5V)
        Will buy this same set around end of this year to make it 64GB if I feel AE would eat it.
      4. Cabinet - CoolerMaster Storm Stryker (was buying HAF-XM but could not resist the looks of this).
      5. PSU - Seasonic 860W Platinum Plus (Thought 1k is overkill and 750 not future proof, pricey though)
      6. Storage (I thought I will get 1 cheap SSD and 1 Hybrid but then I read all the threads and went crazy)
        • Samsung 840 Pro SSD- 256GB - 2 nos.
        • Samsung 840 (nonPro) - 128GB - 2 nos.
        • Seagate 7200rpm HD - 2TB - 3 nos.
      7. Monitor (just fyi) - Dell U2412 (planning to buy ASUS PA '13 or Dell Ultra '13 24" after few months)
      8. .. finally GPU - Not bought yet
        • I ordered the ASUS GTX 680 4G as 780 was too costly
        • but then I read the actual successor to 680 is 770. So I cancelled my 680 but the seller still has not confirmed, just hoping they cancel. Then it turns out 770-4G is not yet sold in my country (am not from the US) so I may import from US (surprisingly importing from Amazon with duties costs the same as probable street price in my country). So I will mot probably buy a..
        • Gigabyte GTX 770 4G


      So, Question 1> Any comments on the component list?
      As I plan to build this on my own, have not thought of overclocking as I am not a geek and feel I should first get comfortable. Fair thought?

      And hence I have not bought any additional Fans or Coolers.



      And now for the Question 2> disk setup! Can you please fill the blanks or suggest alternatives.

      This is what I have planned:

      C: > Samsung 840 Pro 256GB : OS and _____ ??

      D: > Samsung 840 Pro 256GB: Previews and Renders and/or ____ ??

      E: > Samsung 840 128GB x 2 RAID-0 : Footage and ___ ?? (the 128GB version has slowest write speed so assigned it to footage)

      F: > Seagate 2TB x 2 RAID-0 HDD : Exports and General Personal Files (like Docs, Music)

      G: > Seagate 2TB : Dedicated solely as Backup Drive for crictical data at any time (which for me can be on any drive, that is why no RAID3/5 I feel)

      And I plan to use my old external USB2/Firewire/USB3 external drives (500GB/1TB) for manual backups.

      I can buy 1 or 2 more 2TBs (not SSDs) if it is really critical for some configuration but not anything more.


      Usage: I shoot only DSLR footage and use PPro and AE CS6. I have till now been using a 2009 17" Macbook Pro with an SSD. And could have been spotted sometimes using a Class 6 SD Card on a USB 2 card reader being used as the Media drive (Ouch!). I feel (a) now I have the skill to justify this as many times I end up not implementing an idea in AE as my machine just won't budge and (b) I plan to buy the BlackMagic Pocket Camera to learn capabilities of RAW media. Like many I do hope to make an indie in the next 2 or 3 years but I hope I can employ services of a professional who should at least give me respect when he looks at my machine


      If you have made it till here, thanks for your time. Waiting for your comments.




      Ps: And yes I am planning to subscribe to CC as its cheap for a CS6 owner. And then after 1 year will judge if I will continue with CC once upgrade pricing goes (hopefully yes as I wait for an extensively GPU using AE version soon).

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          4 - if that is a mid-tower case, please reconsider


          I built my computer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652694 with a mid-tower, and part way through the build wished I had gone for a full tower with more room for cabling an cooling


          My computer stays cool with the extra case fans I bought, but everything is very tight


          I should have bought http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119225

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            JEShort01 Level 4

            Regarding question #1, build list, and question #2 drive setup:

            • everything looks great except...
            • add a good cpu cooler; lots of good choices out there including but not limited to: budget: Cooler Master 212 EVO, high-performance air: Noctua NH-D14, simple liquid: Corsair H110, full water cooling: many options (full water cooling is a pain to plan and build, but ooooohhh so quiet!)
            • RAM: suggest go for 64GB at the onset rather than trying to add RAM later
            • definitely plan on overclocking - 4 Ghz is a walk in the park and very safe since you aren't totally comfortable with overclocking, and the performance gain is rather significant for renders, etc.
            • One SSD is plenty to get started - 256GB would be good for OS, programs, as well as providing some room for AE and photoshop caching
            • 2 drives in RAID 0 would work pretty well for all projects, media, etc. If you really want to spend more in the drive area up the RAID to a 3 or 4 drive RAID
            • Suggest putting your backup drive in a hot-swap tray so you can remove it and provide off-site backup capability





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              archie2985 Level 1

              Thanks John and Jim.



              John, yes I was going for the HAF I will see when the Stryker comes and echange it if I feel it "just fits" stuff.


              Jim, Thanks for the cooler and fan inputs will order one of these. RAM - well I don't have the cash for 64 but I will keep it in mind as a To-Do rather than a maybe. Honestly, didn't know the hot swap hard drive thing, things have changed since my last PC build (Pentium4) a decade ago.