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    How to make page chapters like wikipedia in Dreamweaver.

    Simon Ward12

      Hi all, I'm a graphic design student currently producing my own portfolio website. It's a work in progress so I haven't published it unfortunately but will be in the next week. So I'll do my best to describe the feaure I would lie to add to it. It's a feature seen most notably in wikipedia.


      I have a project that features pictures of posters, leaflets and a mobile app for a fictional event. I have all the images on one page but would like 3 galleries. One for posters images, another for leaflet images, and the other for app images still on the same page. So I ideally would like a function like wikipedia, where you have a contents at the top of the page. So if you want to look at the 'app images' you click the 'app images' in the contents menu and it takes you to that section on the same page so you don't have to load another page.


      Does anyone know how to produce this function in Dreamweaver? I presume it's possible as it sound like a basic function. I just don't know where to start (Just like to say I have made a website before, so I know my way around HTML and CSS fairly well). Is it HTML code, or Java code? If anyone has any videos tutroials they could direct me to that would be even better.