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    Dreamweaver CC startup issue persists, even after trying 2 proposed fixes


      Hi all,

      I have a windows 7 pro 64bit machine. About a week ago I got a screen about a trial, even though I have a purchased and installed an official version. I may have pushed the wrong button. Since then DW CC quits/stops/crashes right after startup. I see the opening screen and it`s gone...

      Support proposed I try to restore the preferences by applying the following for DW CC: http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/restore-preferences-dreamweaver-cs4-cs5.html It didn`t help.

      Then I read the forum suggestion to log off from creative cloud (desktop thingie) and log again: didn`t help either.

      Who can give me the definitive hint to tackle this annoying issue?