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    Footage is all white

    Red Planet Pictures Level 1

      So I installed the CC updates last week, and have a major problem with Premiere now. All footage of any kind I import shows up white. The thumbnails look fine in preview, but as soon as a clip is clicked on, opened, or hover scrubbed over, the footage turns white. Sometimes when I first start up Premiere it's a mess of giant code until I start moving the playhead around. I've attached screenshots of each instance, and notice that this in't even of actualy media, it's of the "media offline" placeholder. Literally every type of footage I import whatsoever does this. Meanwhile in CS6, everything works fine.


      I'm trying a full uninstall of all my CS6 apps now to see if it fixes it, and reinstalling Premiere CC. In the meantime though, wondering if anyone else has encountered this and has a fix? Thanks.


      Footage Problems 2.jpg

      Footage Problems 1.jpg

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This could be a classic problem with your video driver.


          1. What OS are you running on?
          2. What video card do you have?
          3. What is the currently installed video driver?
          4. Is that the latest one available? If not, go to the nVidia, or AMD/ATI Web site, download and install the latest - test.


          Good luck, and if that does not fix things, you will have probably ruled out the video driver, as being the cause.



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adding to what Hunt asked... if you have nVidia

            How to determine your nVidia driver version

            Right click in any open area of the Windows desktop

            Select NVIDIA Control Panel from the popup window

            Select SYSTEM INFORMATION at the lower left corner

            Driver version should be the 1st line in Details

            I have a GTX285 using driver 296.10 and Win7

            (and I do NOT use the Cloud !!!)

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              Red Planet Pictures Level 1

              Ok thanks guys, that wasn't it but I figured it out.


              It happens if you have Mercury Playback Engine GPU selected in a system with a non-supported GPU card! *sigh*


              It was particularly hard to figure out because it's an option under project settings, not general preferences, so I skipped over it several times in my troubleshooting. Gah, hours of reinstalls wasted for nothing! But at least now I know. Hope this helps someone else out there if they ever come across the same thing.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Thank you for reporting your success.


                Sorry about the uninstalls/reinstalls. I rather keep those in the back of the toolbox, but sometimes they DO fix thing, so are not to be discounted totally.


                Good luck,



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                  A/V Warrior

                  What if you have the supported card and are still having this problem?


                  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB


                  iMac 27" Late 2012


                  Cuda installed


                  I have to reset Premiere Pro and then start it back up to work only for a while and then it goes white again. I also have error compiling movie messages.