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    Recomendations for QueueManager Class

    Neil Hand
      Hi All,

      Does anyone on the board have any recommendations for a good "queue manager" class for AS2. On several designs i need to load a large number of files in the background, and see problems with failed loads and timeouts as a result.

      I have seen several different takes on queue managers on the web, but after trying one of them (from zeh), i found the performance to be sub par when dealing with a large number of files (too many tight loops checking on every frame). There appears to be another one from "bit-tube" but it appears to be unsupported at the moment.

      So the short questions are;
      1) Have people used Queue managers?
      2) Can you recommend any?
      3) is it worth reverse enginnering the bit-tube example to understand its use since there is no documentation?
      4) should i just code my own?

      Thanks for any insight.

      edit: I forgot to mention that i would like to reorder priorities of files in the queue since the plan is to have all files loading the in the background, and then bump the priority of those that are needed immediately.

      Thanks and Best Regards