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    Pause and play

    tay_shk Level 1
      I have one swf , wich contain lots of movie with animation . i want to keep pause play button for it, i know how to stop all the movie when clicked on pause button, but i want to play those movie only wich is playing priviously.

      means, suppose there is two movie 'a' and 'b' , here 'a' is stop and 'b' is playing . and after clicking on pause i stop all the movies, but after clicking play i have to play only those wich are playing priviously like 'b' and not to play 'a' so how can i check it.
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            Thanks for your replay

            but in my case i dont have two movies only , here i have one base file wich hase pause-play button, in wich other swf will load and each swf has diff no of movie clips, and i have to do pause - play for loaded swf from base file, so it is not possible to assign variables to each movie clip , i want to detect whether movie is playing or not through code ,

            so is there any method to do this.