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    Burning DVD Issues

    maddieanu Community Member

      So I've finished editing and adding a soundtrack to my video went to Published-Share, selected Disc to burn DVD but my computer locks up and my computer  states  Elements 11 is not working.

      I have windows 7.

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          John T Smith MVP

          As a workaround... set your DVD output to a folder on your hard drive and then use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download to write files or folders to disc (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)

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            the_wine_snob Community Member

            There can be many reasons that PrE might have issues, when burning to DVD. I would post the full specs of your computer, and pay special attention to the free-space on your HDD's, along with everything else.


            If the solution to the problem(s) is/are not resolved with the info in the computer specs, then I heartily agree with John T's suggestion - that often is the resolution, and is also good to test other aspects of the program and system.


            Good luck,



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              A.T. Romano Community Member



              Could you please clarify where exactly the lock up occurs because both John T. Smith and Hunt are encouraging you to try the burn to folder. From what you wrote I am not sure if you have the opportunity to get that far to do the burn to folder.


              Consider the path...


              • Publish+Share
              • Disc
              • DVD
              • and, then in the burn dialog, burn to: Disc


              Which "Disc" is the stopping point? The "Disc" immediately after Publish+Share or the "Disc" associated with burn to?





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                the_wine_snob Community Member

                Actually, I am encouraging maddieaunu to share much more information, in hope that the cause of the issue can be realized from that.


                My comment on the Burn to Folder was to remove certain possible aspects from the mix, and was mentioned as a good test. Do you see any problem with that test?


                I do not, as it can rule out issues with the Timeline, and several more. While you might have a personal problem with that test, I would still urge maddieaunu to perform it, so that he/she does not waste a lot of time, if the issue happens to be with the Timeline, and its Assets.


                In troubleshooting, I have found that ruling out some of the most likely suspects early, is the best way to go. It might not yield the causes, but can certainly rule some out, and that is what I am hoping to do.


                Sorry that you totally disagree with those steps.



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                  A.T. Romano Community Member



                  I think that the information that I requested cuts to and significantly impacts the direction of the troubleshooting.


                  Burn to folder becomes a non issue if we do not know the basic information of where the problem hits as I asked. Please reread my post. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone. I am just asking for basic information for the reasons stated.


                  It seemed to me that you and John T. Smith took for granted that the "Disc" involved was the one associated with burn to disc. Maybe it is, but maybe it is not.



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                    maddieanu Community Member


                    You are right. I can't get that far. It's the "Disc" immediately after Publish+Share


                    Publish + Share

                    Disc and the element 11 program freezes up and I have to close it

                    I never can get to DVD or burn to folder


                    I have been using Preimere Elements since the #2 verison and never had any of these issues before

                    I have enough hard drive space

                    My Computer


                    Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHZ

                    RAM 8 GB

                    System 64 bit




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                      A.T. Romano Community Member



                      Thanks for the follow up.


                      At least in one instance of such a report, I saw the video card drive update plus removal of some recently installed codecs resolving the issue a few versions back. So, let us rule out those factors first.


                      1. If you go to the web site of your video card's manufacturer, do you confirm that you have the latest version of the video card driver installed?


                      2. Have you downloaded any special codecs (codec packs) recently?


                      3. The classic question on the burner side, is your burner firmware up to date (can it be updated)? Do you have an internal or external burner?


                      4. Do you have an Internet connection in case any processes need to be activated?


                      5. Another classical question...are you running Premiere Elements from a User Account with Administrative Priviledges?


                      6. Is the Disc option the only sharing option that is affected with this problem?


                      Let us start here and then let us know if any of the above had any impact on the situation.





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                        maddieanu Community Member

                        Thanks I will check all of this and get back



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                          maddieanu Community Member



                          1. Yes the video card is lastest version.


                          2.I don't think I have  downloaded any special codecs (codec packs) recently.


                          3.  All drivers are up to date. Did this recently trouble shooting this issue. If they are would they have updated the burner firmware also? the burner is internal. hp CDVDW SN-208BB


                          4 Yes I have  internet connection.


                          5, It's my computer and I have all rights to it.



                          6. Yes  the Disc option the only sharing option that is affected with this problem

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                            the_wine_snob Community Member

                            Burner firmware can be updated at any point along the life of a multi-drive/burner.


                            I would check with the HP site, for your multi-drive/burner, and check for firmware updates.


                            DO READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, if there are firmware updates. Print those out, and follow them 100%. Do not omit any step, and do them in the exact order directed.


                            Hope that it is that simple.


                            Good luck,



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                              A.T. Romano Community Member



                              Thanks for the reply with additional information.


                              I did some searching around the HP web site for the burner that you mention.


                              If you are not sure, you might want to verify the following with HP, as to if this applies to you


                              http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?swItem=ob-113099- 1&lang=en&cc=us&mode=3&


                              What do you have notebook, laptop, desktop?


                              Is there any chance you could borrow a USB 2.0 external DVD burner from an associate?


                              I will continue to think about this.