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    Converting/Transcoding video files

    Patrick de



      I need to import video that is from a variety of different tformats into my Premiere Pro CC project to all be edited in the same sequence. The majourity of the footage is native h.264 from Canon 60D's and Canon 5D's - I will however need to include shots from already compressed and endcoded files from a variety fo different formats and sources.


      What should I transcode or convert the extra video footage into to make sure that I can work with all the footage in the same timeline as the Canon native h.264 sequences I am currently using?


      I have tried using mpeg Stream clip to convert the files into the native h264 files from the camera's, but that doesn't work (something maybe to do with the software???)  - the files skip frames and crash my system. What program or software should I use to convert/transcode?


      Any help would be very much appreciated!!!