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    "New document" color problem

    Desirat Level 1



      Something happened to my CS5.5 Illustrator. Now, each time I start a new document, the color swatches come up with different values. They come "associated" with the profile I chose in Color settings. The problem is that I'm not managing to get the real color space. I never get the default values C=100 M=100 Y=100 K=100 but allways a transformation, i.e: Cyan comes up with a C=57,09; M=13,45 instead of C=100.


      I've tryed everything before opening a new document: change (on, off, preserve numbers, etc), convert, assign many RGB and CMYK profiles but nothing works. Each time I start a new one it just shifts the values a bit.


      Strangely, with a "bad" document open, when I open the default library the values come correct. It appears to be a start up problem. Off course I could open the default library but I don't wont to do that each time. It's anoying.


      ps: The name off the "bad" swatches: "RGBCyan", etc.


      Thank you for you time.

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          John Danek Level 4

          What document color mode are you using?  Are the new documents RGB or CMYK?  Sounds like an RGB color issue, but try posting in the Illustrator forum, too. 

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            Desirat Level 1

            Hello John.


            And thanks for the quick reply.


            It's happening in the CMYK color mode. That's why it's so strange.

            In more than 10 years off experience with Illustrator I've never seen nothing like this.


            When searching for help in the forums I've read about some color situation with CS6 and the new Lab association. But I supose it didn't "contaminate" CS5.5. Unless it did.. in some update. Hope not.


            Thank you, once again.