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    How to Play/Pause All for Adobe Air Application using AS3 in Flash CS4?


      I am new to Flash and I'm creating an educational application in AS3 in Flash CS4 for Adobe Air. I want to use buttons to play and pause all content (movieclips AND sound).


      I have created play and pause buttons that worked by switching the frame rate between 0 and 20, unfortunately I've realised that it's never really 0fps but rather 0.01fps and so it continues playing, albeit very very slowly. Also this doesn't affect the audio; I have set sound files to Stream which are synced to movieclips on their timelines, but even when the application is set to 0fps the audio continues.


      Since I have various levels with numerous movieclips each with synced audio, what i'd like is to be able to do is pause absolutely everything within each movieclip with one button and to be able to resume from the same place using another button. Is this possible? If not, is there a global function to pause/resume the entire application/program?


      Thanks in advance for your help!