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    how to blur multiple scenes in a video


      I want to blur multiple short scenes in a large video file. How can I do that with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Place an adjustment layer above all the clips and add a blur.

          Or nest and add it to the nest or

          do one clip with the blur, select rest and Paste Attribute.

          Probably even more ways to do that.

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            babloo132 Level 1

            1- It is one sequence in the Timeline panel, not multiple clips. Should I need to split the large video in multiple clips for this purpose?


            2- Assuming I add multiple clips in my timeline panel, wouldn't adding an adjustment layer apply the effect on all below clips? Where as I only need to apply it on selective scenes.


            3- isn't there an option which can blur the selective scenes. For example while playing the video, I mark the start and end of the video clip, then apply that blur option to this segment, ,then I mark another segment in the video and apply blur option to this segment?


            Let's say I have a 5 minute video and I want to blur the following two segments within it.


            00:00:22 - 00:01:53

            00:04:35 - 00:04:46


            How to proceed?

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              babloo132 Level 1

              I fulfilled my requirement by following the below procedure.


              1- Load the complete video in Timeline panel.

              2- Using 'Razor' tool cut the section which I need to blur. When we cut using 'Razor' tool, Adobe Premiere Pro marks it as a logical seperate clip.

              3- Drag the Video-->Blur effect on the desired clip and set the Gaussian blur settings.

              4- Repeat the above steps for all other sections of the original video which I need to blur.

              5- In the end, Export the complete sequence.

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                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                Another method worth trying next time is to skip the razoring part and use keyframing in the Effects Control Panel to bring the blur in and out.

                1) Apply Video>GaussianBlur to the clip in the timeline

                2) in Effects Control Panel, click the stopwatch to enable keyframing

                3) scrub the clip to a point where you want to increase or decrease the blur

                4) click the Add/Remove Keyframe button

                5) adjust the Blurriness setting

                6) repeat Steps 3-5 for the rest of the clip.


                One thing I like about using keyframing like this is that the effect ramps in and out thanks to Bezier curves. Of course, you can achieve the same thing with your method, but only with additional steps for each segment.