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    Premiere cs6/cc confusing spanned-clips Canon C300




      Bit of a strange one...


      We have Adobe Creative Cloud installed on 5 suites (resently updated to CC from CS6) when using CS6 we had a problem when ingesting footage from the Canon C300. When ingesting spanned clips CS6 seems to get the order of the clips mixed up, so the start of the clip will be around the middle. There is no jump in the timecode, so it would appear CS6 is just placing the spanned video files around the wrong way, but the metadata (where a assume the timecode is stored) is correct.


      I thought upgrading to CC would solve this but it appears it hasn't. I just installed CC on my home machine which has never had CS6 on it and this probelm hasn't occurred, which meant when I opened up an edit that I started at work it had all been shifted around! Very Annoying!!!


      Has anyone came across the same issue?? Seems strange it has happen on all our machines. I've tried uninstalling CS6 and then install CC but doesn't seem to work, would appricate any help on this






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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          If you care to zip up a full card and share it, I can take a look here, see what happens.  (You can always shoot some junk material for sharing.)



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            just to underline your point: we have had the same issues since CS6 and it persists until today (CC 7.01).

            What makes things even stranger is that I had a 55 min+ clip (from a Canon C300), spanned into 11 MXF segments.

            When I imported it via the Media Browser from a portable hard drive it came in as a single clip maintaining the correct order of the segments. I then copied the hard drive's contents to our SAN (maintaining the file structure, of course).

            Then I imported the clip again, it came as one clip like before - but the order of the segments within the clip was completely random, every 5:15 min there was a visible "cut" within the clip.

            So maybe PPro uses some hidden metadata of the files to determine their order and those metadata get lost on their way to the SAN. I can only speculate.


            I tried creating new projects, using a windows machine instead of a Mac, but to no avail.

            Our temporary (yet annoying) solution is to "destroy" the files structure and then import and concatenate the segments manually.


            Are you on a SAN?



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              Peter Geoffrey

              POSSIBE SOLUTION - I too have had the problem with PP re-ordering C300 spanned clips.  I have read many posts about this - some claiming its a Canon firmware issues - others waiting for Adobe to fix.  after seeing your question about being on a SAN - which I am - it made me think.  My colleague however who was editing to same project on his system (and not working off a network drive) was not having the spanned clips re-ordining issue. Same media - same project file.  So I transferred all my media to my local hard drive, my colleague sent me his project file.  I openned in CC and relinked the media to my local drive.  All the C300 spanned clips opened in correct order, all behaving normally.  I strongly suggest people who are working off network drives try bringing their media onto their internal hard drive.