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    Am I Missing Something Obvious? Layer Mask Not Confined to Selection.

    arctechnologysolutions Level 1

      Hello, I really hope I am not missing anything obvious.


      I am working on a .psd in Photoshop CC in which I used a selection to precisely remove a portion of a layer in a layer mask. The problem is that it is removing a percentage of the opacity in the non selected area. The brush has 100% Opacity, 100% Flow and is in Normal Mode. The layer has 100% Opacity, 100% Fill, and is in Normal Mode. I have tried restarting Photoshop and starting over from scratch. Here is an image of the issue.


      My only other concern is that on Friday we had a power outage due to lightning and PS CC closed unexpectedly. Could my PS CC be corrupted? My computer has restarted since then. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!