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    Can I save Flash Pro CC down to Flash 5.5

    Salt & Vinegar Level 1

      Hello All,


      I'm working in Flash Pro CC. It's a very simple scene. Nothing fancy happening. Just drawings on different keyframes to create a traditional black and white line-drawn animation. (No tweening or interpolation at all by Flash)


      A friend only has Flash 5.5.


      I want to give him my FLA file so he can continue what I'm doing.


      Is this possible?


      THANK YOU if you can help.

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          I have had no problems loading an FLA made in Flash Pro CC with Flash Pro CS6. So I would think there would be no problems doing it in CS5.5.

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            Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

            Yes, you should be able to open your Fla files created in Flash CC in Flash CS5.5+ without any issues. It just shows a warning message saying that it's created in a higher version of Flash and may contain newer/unsupported features.



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              Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

              Hi ,


              When saving a file, Flash CC continues to provide the options of saving to a Flash document (.fla) or uncompressed document (.xfl).  The resulting XFL file is internally stamped with the Flash CC file version.  However, since Flash CS5.5 and later releases are able to open “future” versions of XFL files, Flash CS5.5 and Flash CS6 can both also open Flash CC files.  Consequently, you will not see options in the Save As Type drop-down list to explicitly save to an older version of Flash.


              As part of their future-compatibility efforts, the older releases (ie. Flash CS5.5 and CS6) will simply “skip over” these new features, but continue reading the rest of the XFL document.  For example, Flash CC introduces the ability to apply filters, blend modes, color transforms, and cacheAsBitmap with opaque background to compiled clip components, such as ‘FLVPlayback’.  As a result, Flash CS5.5 and Flash CS6 would skip over the new data when opening a Flash CC XFL file that contains this new feature.


              Hope this helps !


              Thanks and Regards,

              Sudeshna Sarkar

              Adobe Flash Professional Team

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                jacielluve Level 1

                No, if you are using Flash CC and want to convert to CS6 or below, there is no option for that.


                I assume your animation is broken because CC lacks of AS2. All AS2 must be converted to AS3, oooor, you have to stay wiht old Flash versions below CC in order to use AS2


                Personally, that sux, i couldnt find a solution. that problem hapenned to me when using e-planning code :/

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                  Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.13.10.png



                  Please see above screen shot. Tried to save a CC down in order to open it with CS5.

                  Tried with XFL format too.


                  This is really poor Adobe. I am only using CS5 because CC doesn't have the settings to publish for google & yahoo flash banner standards. This in itself is absurd as there was really no reason to purchase CC given it therefore cannot be used for common commercial purposes. ie. creating flash banners for google and yahoo servers. 


                  Can you please reply with a working solution, or advise about how to refund the product.



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                    I also am running into this issue. Poor planning on Adobe's part. I have been tasked with updating a fla that was created using CC by another designer. Unfortunately I only have flash CS5 in this office so I am out of luck. I asked a friend to save it down for me using CC and the only option was the XFL. Guess what...That doesn't work either. Really disappointed in the lack of support for older versions. At least with InDesign i am able to export out idml files that can be opened and manipulated with older versions of InDesign.


                    I also would like to see a reply with a working solution to this issue.



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                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      As Flash Pro CS 5.5 and later can read any future version, and generally Flash only saved back two versions, the save as feature was dropped after CS6. If you want to take a CC version file back to CS5, you need to go via either CS5.5 or CS6. Either of those can open the CC file, and do a save as to CS5.


                      It's almost four years since CS5.5 came out, hopefully most people will have changed from CS5 since then.


                      BTW, you don't need to save as XFL when going via CS5.5, it can read CC FLA files ok.