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    File Import Failure message

    Robert Withers Level 1

      I've just started the switch from FCP to Premiere on my Macbook Pro and am stuck early on with two issues.

      File Import Failure message.

      Importing some clips shot with a Canon 5D Mark II [ 24 fps (23.9+)] and PP  seems to import them but also gives me a "File Import Failure" and "File format not supported" messages. I've tried to input a folder from the flashdisk itself and from a copy on a disk drive. The error message shows up and then all the files also show up in clips in PP.


      But something is wrong because when I play the files back in the Source window they play speeded up even though PP shows the correct file length.


      I've tried making a sequence set to 24 fps (23.9+) and same thing happens. The sequence and the files both have the same frame rate. When I drag a clip into the sequence e it's still speeded up.

      Sure would like to get started . . . this is probably a simple thing.

      I'm using the 30-day trial of CC PPro 7.

      Can anyone help?

      Many thanks,


      It's an MBP with 2.6 ghz i7, 8 g ram, OS 10.8

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          How exactly are you importing the clips? Through Media Browser? File>Import...? Drag and drop from Finder? And perhaps more to the point, exactly which files or folders are you selecting for import. With folder-based content, your best bet is to use Media Browser, which knows how to make sense of the multiple files that comprise each clip. If, instead, you simply drag a whole folder into the Project panel, Premiere will import the media files but throw the File Import Failure message for other files like XML. (If you stretch the dialog horizontally, you'll be able to see the full filename and extension of the ones that PPRO is balking at. Yes, I know, the mouse pointer doesn't give you the expected feedback that it will work to stretch the dialog, but trust me.)

          As to the clips playing faster than real-time, what frame rate is reported in both the Project panel and the Metadata panel. In the latter panel, please check both the Clip section at the top and the File section under Dynamic Media (typing "frame" in the search field will show you both).

          Also, what do you see in the Frame Section of the Interpret Footage dialog (Clip>Modify>Interpret Footage.)

          What's the stated duration, and how long does the clip actually take to play from start to finish?

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            Robert Withers Level 1

            Thanks, Mark. I got past the frame rate issue after a long story.

            Import issue: someone told me that the .thm files created by the 5D Mark ii are metafiles not importable and those are what trigger the file import failure.

            The .mov files seem to import fine.

            But why does PPro toss out these failure messages when it's touted as being so friendly to all camera sources? No answer necessary. :-) Must be a promotion problem.