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    chm to pdf

      Dear all,

      My Manager has provided me a chm file and asked me whether a pdf can be generated using this chm file.


      However she does not know, in which software has this chm file been generated.

      I did the following steps (using Robohelp 6) to generate pdf from this chm file.

      1. Using HTML Help Studio Tool in Robohelp i extracted all the files from the chm file.

      2. After Extraction, i got HHP file (hope this is prepared using HTML Help Workshop). I opened the same in robohelp.

      3. But when I open the htm file (topic), in Robohelp which has been extracted from this chm file, only notedpad is getting opened.

      4. Then i just used Convert to pdf option to generate the pdf.

      Kindly clarify me the following questions:

      1. How can the topic be viewed in RoboHelp WYSIWYG.

      2. When i open this generated pdf, certain internal links were not working.. Am i using the right procedures to generate the pdf from this chm file.

      Thanks with Regards,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          First check Tools | Options | HTML Editors and see what is set as the default.

          You can right click a topic and choose what it is edited with.

          As to the overall process, there is a topic on my site about reverse engineering a CHM.

          If no links were working, I would check that you were using RH6. If some are and some are not, check the paths and ensure they are still vaild.

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            usureka Level 1
            hi peter,

            Thanks for the details. I went through your site.

            When i create my printed pdf, i face the following issues:

            Only Bookmarks created for internal links are not working.

            When i extracted the source files, the following folders were present in my project.

            Folder File
            ====== ======
            Associative links property
            keywordlinks property
            files all images, stylesheets and .fpj file were present in this folder
            NFO again some images and .fpj file were present

            When i opened the HHP file in robohelp 6, all the images were copied into my baggage file automatically, and images directory was created in the project Tab and all these images were pasted into it.

            I've also added *.stp file into my baggage.

            In my printed documentation, properties, I chose the option Images>Embeded in documents.

            However, When i create my printed documentaiton some internal links were not working.
            I've also chosen "Retain hyperlinks option also

            I'm not clear on the file created under Associative links and Keyword links. It is just present in my project folder.

            Pls help me where am i going wrong.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Not sure. At the beginning of your post you way "only bookmarks created for internal links are not working". Later on you say some of them are not working. Is it all or some? The process usually works cleanly. You will need to examine the links that do work and those that do not if it is just some.

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                usureka Level 1
                sorry to confuse you peter.

                All URL links are working fine.

                Only bookmark links are not working.

                I do not get this problem When i created the printed documentation in word.

                However, the bookmarks do not work only when i generated the pdf.
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  Create a new project with two topics. In one topic create a link to the other. Also in that topic create a bookmark and a link to that. See if you get the same result.

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                    usureka Level 1
                    Hi peter, This ofcourse works fine in a new project.
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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                      Then there has to be some difference in the links to the bookmarks in the project that is not working. Do they contain spaces and does removing the space from one fix it in that one?