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    Moving files with bridge creates a copy in CQ


      I am are trying to use Adobe Bridge with Adobe CQ to handle our video content. I've been able to set up bridge and CQ so their metadata fields match. I can edit the video files metadata and other information inside Adobe Bridge and this information is then reflected inside CQ.


      The one issue I'm having now is that when I use the Move To function inside Adobe Bridge it doesn't actually move the file. Instead a copy is created and moved to the new folder, the old folder still contains the original file. This ends up breaking workflow inside CQ and makes the function useless. The move function does work fine locally just not when trying to move across the CQ server.


      Is it mossible this has to do with permerssions on the CQ side? I'm able to move inside CQ using the same account that I'm connected to Bridge via drive.


      Thanks for any help.