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    Please help, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and have problems with loading FLASH Player


      Everytime I attempt to load Adobe Flash Player, it says it is installing but then I get a screen that say, must close Internet Explorer, which I do, then the down load continues.  It eventually takes me to a window that is for Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, it loads a trial version and then eventually it says Flash Player successfully Installed.


      When I go to open a web video, it says, you must have Flash Player installed to view this video.  Which when i click on the Adobe download link, it takes me back through the same loop with the same results.  Seaching in my programs it does not show Adobe Flash Player loaded, only the 32 bit version, which I am still unable to view web videos with>>>>



      What is going on here?  Do I need to download something additional to correctly install Adobe Flash Player?  Please Help, Thanks in advance for your response and recommendations!