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    How can I control the order of photos in a Ravel slideshow?


      I'm using the web version.  After I uploaded my photos, I discovered that Ravel does not display them in alphanumeric file name order.  Instead it appears to order them by file date.  Unfortunately, I have always altered the file name to set up the order of my photos.  In the future, if I use PhotoShop to manually alter the date of the jpeg files, and then upload them, will Ravel "see" the altered date and change the order?  I've used up my upload limit, so I can't just try it and see.


      On a slide note, I tried the method of sharing an album on PC as described in the Adobe FAQ, and it worked pretty well.  Two minor things I'd add:  (1) You have to first click the URL field before the copy, and (2) the URL includes two non-functional characters at the end (#!) that can be deleted from the e-mail.