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    Playing .m4a files using Flash Player with FMS v4.5.5 (Streaming Edition)




      I have had a custom-built Flash-based player successfully streaming .mp3 files from FMS v4.5.5 for some time now. From what I have read, Flash will also play .m4a files. For operational reasons, I wish to move from using a .mp3 based media library to a .m4a based one. I have had the Flash player changed to play a .m4a stream but it is not working. My interpretation of the FMS Access log leads me to think that the requested media file is not being found. Why might that be? As far as I'm aware, nothing has been changed in the config or code other than the type of media file to play (mp3 -> m4a).I can provide further details, logs, etc. if so required.


      Please note that this version of FMS insists on using the "live" application area, even though I am simply streaming pre-recorded audio clips.


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