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    How to add a link to an interactive svg using edge commons library

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      I've been playing around with this wonderful Edge Commons interactive SVG tutorial


      My question is : How to add an external link "url" to an interactive svg using edge commons library ?


      Edge commons example file :


      Edge commons  video tutorial :



      I have adapted this tutorial to an interactive map, http://madudesign.com/works/france/ every thing is going fine until I couldn't figure out to link a particular url on each part of the region of the map.


      I managed to figure out how to change colors on the different parts of the map on mouse over and mouse out but I'm not quite comfortable with JavaScript since I don't use it every day...


      I have tryed to link to an url by passing it on the illustrator layer and via the onclick event (event.target.id) to a simple url


      then working in Edge and publishing on the browser the link returns me a weird url line by replacing the original url slashes "//" by "_x2F_" and I must have misunderstood the proper JavaScript line to open that link from there...


      for example on my actual exemple "http://madudesign.com/works/france/"

      the first top region of France is normally a link to "http://www.google.com" and it returns "http:_x2F__x2F_www.google.com" plus the complete path to the file too...

      I don't know how to get around this trick and have back for each region a particular clean link from the event target id of the svg...


      thank-you for any help





      link to my edge animate file if needed :