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    Two Sequence Settings?

    HandsomeDragon Level 1



      My name is Kenny, and the question I have is, is it possible ot have two sequence settings at the same time in the same sequence?

      I exported a file from After effects as an Quicktime, format Animation, then placed it into Premier, it automatically figured the settings

      and configured the sequence to play the clip. However the rest of my clips with no effects are just regular AVCHD files, Pixel Ratio 1.0

      just like the clip i exported from After effects.


      I placed a regular AVCHD clip into the same sequence after configuring the settings for just the after effects files, but im not sure if its ok you know.


      So is it possible to have two sequence settings, one that can generally make all my footage work together, or no? I apologize if I'm making a big deal

      about this, I'm just curious is there's an answer.


      Please and thank you for your time.