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    Another hard disk set up question.


      I know you guys may be sick by now answering these questions but I really can't seem to figure out what set up would be best for my needs and my budget.


      I currently only have two disks in my PC.

      C Drive has OS + programmes and its used up 240GB of disk space.

      A Drive is my "media" drive which I store everything else and it's used up 610GB of space.

      I also have a back up external drive.


      I should also add I like to play games on my PC too which is probably why the C drive is so occupied, Steam alone takes up 125GB of space.


      I'ld like to add another drive or two to better optimise my PC for photoshop and video editing.


      My questions are:

      Is using a 64GB SSD for the Intel SSD cacheing of any benefit?

      Or should I get a bigger 500GB SSD and put my OS + Programmes on it?

      Or should I buy 1 250GB SSD for OS + Programmes and another seperate SSD for Steam games?


      Or should I forget the SSDs altogether and buy more mechanical Hard drives to use in Raid configuration?

      I guess I can afford to buy 1 250GB SSDs or 3 1TB WD Enterprise HDDs.


      Also what is a good SSD you'ld recommend me to buy?


      Thanks a lot!