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    Can I auto-reflow right/left pages when using Master pages


      This may be a dumb question, so I apologize, but I can't seem figure it out if there is a way to do this myself.


      I'm laying out a catalog. This will be published yearly, so will need to be updated periodically. Using Master pages, I've developed spread templates where, for example, on the left page, a product picture is featured along that left edge, with a text box of description next to it. On the facing page, the image runs along the right edge. Basically, I want the image to always be on the outside edge of the spread, and the text box on the inside edge, towards the gutter.


      So, I make my master pages like this, override the master objects so I can insert different images and text on each page (each page is stand alone, and does not link to each other). Fine so far.


      My question pertains to when it comes time to add in just a single new page into my layout, as opposed to a full spread. Is there any way to set the file up so that when I add in a single page, the following pages all reflow automatically. By that I mean, the left-page image automatically moves into the right-page position, and ditto for the text box. At the moment, the image and text remain in their original left or right position, and new master objects in the opposite orientation appear below them.


      I don't want to end up re-designing what may possibly be hundreds of pages every time a single page needs to be added in to some section in the catalog (especially since the folks providing content like to change their minds A LOT). I also would rather not force them to always add a spread if they're going to be able to add anything.


      I've tried using anchors, because it seems you can somehow anchor things to always remain in the same orientation to the spine, but no matter how I do it, I can't get it to work in the way I need it to.


      Can anyone tell me if it's possible to do what I'm trying to do?