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    Avoid Alert window on close/Problem getting serious

    luciewong Level 1
      A website button on click opens a Link.swf.
      The Link.swf on init opens a PopUp in Full size. Perfect.

      But now, I have under my PopUp window the useless Link.swf.
      I want to get rid of it.

      The code in my Link.swf is:
      getURL ("javascript:var myWin; if(!myWin || myWin.closed){myWin = window.open('" + address + "','" + winName + "','" + "width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",fullscreen=" + fullscreen + ",toolbar=" + toolbar + ",top='+((screen.height/2)-(" + h/2 + "))+',left='+((screen.width/2)-(" + w/2 + "))+'" + "')}else{myWin.focus();};self.close();");

      It wants to close the Link.swf, but…
      an Alert window appears, asking if I really want to close >Yes or No<

      How can I avoid this Alerter, just close the Browser???

      Thank you for your help.