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    Flash Player 11.7 is not working on my Mac


      I'm going crazy!  I have "successfully" installed Flash Player 11.7  SEVERAL times.....but not once was able to get it to work.  I cannot watch video, youtube or play games on Facebook. 

      I have done a complete Clean Uninstall of any trace of flash player and turned off all Firewalls, Apps, Anti-virus programs running  AND THEN REINSTALLED SUCCESSFULLY - all to no success with it to work.  

      I see this is a big issue for many people trying to get this to work yet no real help from Adobe!


      My Safari  6.0.5

      Using  OS X  Version 10.8.4

      Processor  2.6 GHz  Intel Core i7

      Memory 16 GB  1600 MHz  DDR3


      Will you please include a step by step process to FIX this issue to get YOUR PRODUCT TO WORK - THAT SO MANY DEPEND ON!



      Now who can help me out?  Lets get this thing fixed and rolling!


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          Hi Im just a Macbook user like yourself but I've had my share of problems.  I can give you a few ideas if its not fixed, I see your question hasnt been answered.


          1.  I would remove anti-virus software, a Mac doesnt need it.


          2. you could have folder permission problems, just download and reinstall osx or visit apple communities to walk you through creating a new user, bring your files over then delete the old user (your name, home folder) and that fixes everything. Apple Care if you have it will help you with this too.


          Get rid of all those cleaning apps, go on youtube and a quick video shows you how easy it is to clean caches and junk by yourself.


          3. too many extensions in safari causes problems also, I have many but they are checked off and I only turn on the ones I need by site or by project, except for translation and reload that I keep on all the time.


          4. I just love Ghostery as an extention,  something to check out if you dont have it Take Control of Your Digital Experience - Ghostery

          Make sure to watch the video, more on youtube for the settings.  Love it!  Tells you everything about the page you are visiting.


          Email me if I can better answer specific questions, I'll do my best to help.    casseopea2@gmail.com



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            ridhijain Adobe Employee

            Flash Player 11.7 is an older version of Flash Player. Could you please try downloading the latest Flash Player 22 from Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions. This should work without any issues. If you are still facing any issues please let us know.