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    Adobe on Iphone

    Tricky Ricky57

      I created a form in FormsCentral. Then I sent the link to my email. Then I picked up my Iphone and clicked on my forms link. I clicked on the open with on my phone and clicked on the option to open it with my pdf reader. It opened and all the links and everything that put into it worked perfectly. Then I clicked and save this form to my desktop on my phone so I could use it in the future. Then I clicked on the icon on my phone that allowed me to send this form to a mail recipeint. Everything works great except when the mail recipient opens the form there is nothing in any of the fields that entered when filling out the form. Does anyone know what I need to do differently. This would be a great tool for my business if I could figure out how to fill in the form on my iphone and send it to a mail recipient with the data still intact.