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    symbols within symbols?


      I have been asked to animate a character walking through and interacting with differnt scenarios for example, getting on a bus.  Each scene is its own symbol, with in thoughs symbols I have assets broken into more symbols.  All my animation plays fine within the theire main scene symbols, however if I watch it in a browser or in the main timeline, some of the imbedded content doesn't play or skips, its quite strange.


      I am approaching this as an animator who for the most part uses flash, and toonboom to animate characters, my knowledge of writing code pretty limited. 


      If anyone has any ideas on why this is happening I would greatly appreciate the help!


      Thank you 

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          AMULI Level 4

          Hi CaptainsBeard,

          some of the imbedded content doesn't play


          May be the autoplay property of the nested symbol is unchecked ?



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            Departure Level 1

            TroubleShooting a crowded scene on timeline is very difficult, specially if you are not using code to control the flow, however, here is a trick I used once to troubleshoot a messy timeline.


            insert a trigger in first or last frames of animations you want to track(trouble making ones).Do so By Clicking on {o} this button located on timeline panel.


            inside the trigger write this code:

            console.log("Write your custom message here");


            when you load into a browser, access browser's console window inside developer panel, usually under view or tools options of the browser. you can see your custom messages posted there as soon as the timeline reads thoese frames. This way you can see which ones are missing, not working, skipped, or repeated etc...


            the console window will show the messages by the time they are fired...

            "Bus is moving"

            "Guy is walking"

            "Guy is leaving the bus"

            "Bus stopped"



            And then for instance you realize, the guy never jumped on the bus, but the timeline jumped into "guy leaving the bus" before the animation of bus reaching to its end. this way you can quickly find the problem. One light-coding method to control timeline with code is to use stop() for the first frame of your animations, and then wait for the play() command to start the animations. this way you make sure nothing is playing on its own before you want them too. sometimes the problem is the animation is finished playing by the time you are expecting to see it play. So you feel it is skipped, or never played.

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              AMULI Level 4

              Hi Departure,

              to use stop() for the first frame of your animations


              I also used to place a sym.stop() trigger at 0 ms. But that's one of our Flash coder reflexes !


              In Edge, suffice it to uncheck the autoplay property of the symbol to get the same "wait at the beginning" effect.



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