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    In and Out time references on individual clips


      Having taken multiple clips from one source, I wanted to check the times they were taken from, so I could match the times on a second camera. To my dismay, there was no such information on the individual clips. In the end I had to lay all three camera sources out on the timeline and trim them at the same time.

      Is there a way to view the start and end times on a clip taken from a larger source?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Exactly how did you take the multiple clips from one source?

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            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

            Please be more specific about how you "[took] multiple clips from one source." Did you

            • load it in the Source Monitor, set In/Out points, insert or overwrite that segment into a sequence, then repeat for another segment of interest? If so, you're dealing with multiple track items from the same master clip.
            • mark the in/out points in the Source Mon (or Project panel), save a subclip, then repeat for another segment.


            In both cases you can view the timecode in at least a couple of ways:

            1. double-clicking a track item in the timeline loads the segment in the Source Monitor, which shows the timecode from the Master Clip
            2. apply the Timecode Effect. That way you can see the timecode from the Master Clip in the Program Monitor.


            And if you are making subclips, then you can see the timecodes in the Project panel--there are actually three sets of timecode that can be of interest for subclips: Media Start/End/Duration, Video In/Out/Duration (as well as Audio), and Subclip Start/End/Duration. I'm partial to saving subclips so that my track items have corresponding project items.