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    DVA Color Themes V2 Error


      This is the third time this week that I've had to re-instal After Effects and about to be the fourth.


      I get this "DVA Color Themes V2" error and then After Effects won't open. Not only does this keep happening, but it's happening with 2 different CC acounts on 2 different Mac Pros.

      Once I uninstall (clean) After Effects, then Creative Cloud desktop says it will no longer work on this system. It says "click here" to install the newest version. It takes me to a webpage that says, "click here" to install CC Desktop.

      When I click on that, it tries to open the existing CC desktop again. So I run the CC Cleaner and uninstall CC desktop.


      Once that's all done, I click on the website again to install CC desktop. The browser says "Can't connect to" aas://jhfdsahifdhsuailfhduisla .... (Paraphrasing)


      I restart the system. Install CC Desktop, Install After Effects. After I waste an hour on all that it works for about a day. Then it happens again. It can't be just me since it's on multiple systems, but nobody is having this issue upon a Google search. Please help! I'm so tired of this intall/reinstall/uninstall process.