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    DVA Color Themes V2 Error


      This is the third time this week that I've had to re-instal After Effects and about to be the fourth.


      I get this "DVA Color Themes V2" error and then After Effects won't open. Not only does this keep happening, but it's happening with 2 different CC acounts on 2 different Mac Pros.

      Once I uninstall (clean) After Effects, then Creative Cloud desktop says it will no longer work on this system. It says "click here" to install the newest version. It takes me to a webpage that says, "click here" to install CC Desktop.

      When I click on that, it tries to open the existing CC desktop again. So I run the CC Cleaner and uninstall CC desktop.


      Once that's all done, I click on the website again to install CC desktop. The browser says "Can't connect to" aas://jhfdsahifdhsuailfhduisla .... (Paraphrasing)


      I restart the system. Install CC Desktop, Install After Effects. After I waste an hour on all that it works for about a day. Then it happens again. It can't be just me since it's on multiple systems, but nobody is having this issue upon a Google search. Please help! I'm so tired of this intall/reinstall/uninstall process.

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          Rick Gerard CommunityMVP

          OS? That's a crucial part of the solution. Are other CC apps loading? Without knowing what kind of a system you have we are just blindly shooting in the dark.

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            mentor972 Community Member

            Well, I mentioned it's a Mac... so OSX. If you want to know the specific OS it's Mountain Lion. No other CC apps are having this issue.

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              mentor972 Community Member

              Just happened again. Was working on a project and installed Acrobat so I could open a PDF. After the install, After Effects crashed. Won't open anymore. Get the same error.


              This is now the third Mac this has happened on. 5th re-install of AE this week.

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                mentor972 Community Member

                And once again, after this Creative Cloud Desktop fails and says it can no longer run. Install a new version.

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                  mentor972 Community Member

                  Same error today. Closed AE. Got lunch. Came back and it wouldn't open. Installing for the 6th time this week. Hey ADOBE! Are you looking at this? I tweeted you and you said there would be people here to answer my questions.

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                    Rick Gerard CommunityMVP

                    I'm running CC on 4 macs, 3 are new 1 is old, the entire suite is installed. No problems like you are describing. I think there must be something else on your system that is causing the conflict.

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                      mentor972 Community Member

                      I would agree if this were happening on one machine only, but it's not. 2 different MacPros

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                        mentor972 Community Member

                        My theory at this point is it's a permissions issue with the DVAcolorthemesV2.xml file.


                        The only proplem is that I can't find it anywhere. A search of the system turns up nothing. Where is this file located on the Mac OS? Library? Application Support? One of the package contents of one of the Adobe programs?

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                          mentor972 Community Member

                          Spent 3 hours on the phone with tech support. They said it was permissions. We repaired all permissions and reinstalled. Before hand I uninstalled EVERYTHING. ALL CS5, 6, and CC apps. Ran the Cleaner. EVERYTHING.


                          Reinstalled the software and 2 days later here I am again. Reinstalling After Effects CC for the 8th time. Really need help from Adobe at this point. What the hell is DVAColorThemesV2?

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                            CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

                            I agree with Rick, it sounds like something installed on (all of) your machines is conflicting with AE. Are you using any 3rd party plug-ins? Can you post a screen shot of the error dialog, and also take a sample using Activity Monitor while the error is up? (in Activity Monitor, double-click on the AE process, then click the Sample button in the lower left corner)

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                              Todd_Kopriva Adobe Employee

                              I've seen an instance of a third-party script interacting with the color theme file in a bad and odd way. So, when you're asnwering Dave's question about third-party extensions, consider scripts as well as plug-ins.

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                                Yeah, I got some pretty bad problems also. I have used AE on an external drive (my OS drive is 64 gigs :O) and I also have Plexus. Plexus is not working, so I just un-installed it anyways. I still get the SAME EXACT PROBLEM. HELP!!!!!

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                                  Idem pour moi , heureusement que j'ai After Effects CC . Que ce passe-t-il ?

                                  Une mise à jour à attendre ?

                                  Je suis sur OX 10.7.5 , merci si vous avez des solutions car au prix des logiciels et en sachant que c'est qu'une location cela mérite que l'on se penche sérieusement à ce problème qui me parait comme même étendu ...

                                  Capture d’écran 2014-09-18 à 11.45.31.png

                                  Aujourd'hui , je viens de faire la mise à jour d'After Effects , j'avais l'espoir que le problème serait résolu .

                                  Hélas , à ce jour , toujours le même problème .

                                  Et je remarque qu'il n'y à pas de réponse à ce problème .

                                  Que ce passe t-il ?

                                  Pourtant comme je disais , j'ai toute les versions After Effects et elles marchent ...

                                  Et tout sur le même ordi Mac Pro