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    Is there a way to make the Markers panel work better with the Source panel?

    cscooper2013 Level 2

      My workflow is to first cut a multi-cam project (but it could be any long clip), then watch it all over again to make notes about what to keep and what to kick.  So after I'm done cutting the initial rough cut of the entire hour or two of footage, I'll set focus to the Markers panel and begin watching the entire clip from the beginning to make notes as markers within the clip


      I'll play the clip back in the Source monitor and when something interesting happens, I'll type "M" on the keyboard.  This places a marker in the clip (or multi-cam clip in my case).  Without stopping the clip, I'll pick up my mouse and tap the Markers tab in the notes section for the last marker laid down.  I'll type a note (something like "S" for interesting "Shot" or "HUGS" or "DANCING" to indicate the main action occuring at this point in the clip, or "Mike:  Are we there, yet?" for a key dialog point).  Next, I'll move my mouse back to the Source panel (the video has not stopped this entire time) and give any gray area of the Source panel a tap just to activate it.  I'll watch for the next point of interest and repeat the process.  M to mark.  Move to the Markers panel.  Tap the last marker.  Type some notes.  Move back to the Source panel and tap to give the panel focus.  This works fairly well, but could be tuned, with just a few options, to make it more streamlined for this type of use.


      What I'd like to be able to do is never leave the keyboard AND use minimal keyboard shortcuts.  A perfect workflow might be:


      1. Start playing the clip in the Source panel.

      2. Type "M" to drop a marker.  Focus would AUTOMATICALLY move to the notes section of that marker within the Markers panel, while the video continues to play on in the Source panel.

      3. I type my notes into the Markers panel and hit Enter, or CTRL+Enter, which returns focus to the Source panel.


      This would allow me to quickly build a list of markers and notes about a clip or sequence without ever stopping and without once touching my mouse (unless I get behind and need to backup).  Currently, the only time I really get behind is when clicking on a window and not realizing that focus was not given to that window, so that when I hit "M" again, for example, I don't actually create a new marker, but rather add the letter "M" to my most recent Marker note.


      All of this seems a very common task for anyone who works in reality TV, or even event videography.  Who's with me?  Can this be done already?  If not, I'll submit a feature request.  How would you make this feature better?