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    How do I collect and organize files into a new folder without breaking the links to my media?


      I'm new to premiere pro, and learned that I probably should have figured out where to organize all of my files from the beginning, but in the post production phase, I have a bunch of audio and image files sitting all over my desktop, and I'm afraid that if I move them, I'll break the links to all of my media. Files I edited in CS6 Photoshop and Audition are of special concern (considering they get automatically routed to my desktop).


      Does anyone know how I can collect all of the files and media that were imported into my project, and and archive them into a folder without breaking the project's links to the original media? Perhaps there's a way to copy all of the files and move them into that folder, so that when I move the originals, I'll still maintain all of the links in the copied version?


      I tried using the project manager tool, but received an "unknown error message" each time I ran it. 


      Any organizational insight would be much appreciated!