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    Sound Issue

      I have a board with various movie clips on it, most have audio attached to them. The movie Clips are loaded via buttons over the top of the board (i have a close botton to make the movie clip disappear to view the original board). Unfortunately, when you roll over areas of the loaded movie clip, you also mouse over hidden buttons below that play sound. How can I make sure when a movie is loaded that the sounds below the loaded MC don't play? I don't want to stop all sounds because I have a music bed playing at all times.

      Any advice?
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          clbeech Level 3
          instead of using invisible buttons to trigger the sound, why don't you trigger the sound from the regular menu buttons onRollOver handler or at least place the sound within the MC? that way when the panel is 'closed' the buttons won't be activated, cuz they're not there.

          OR you could make an array of the invisible buttons and disable/enable them with a loop.

          OR if you have the sounds as Sound Objects you could loop through the objects and disable them or setVolume(0).
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            3-Putt Level 1
            I am using invisible buttons with this code on the button

            on (rollOver, dragOver) {

            on (rollOut, dragOut) {

            Is there a way to disable the button when I have another MC over them so the buttons below don't trigger the sound?