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    Preserving transparency using Contact Sheet II or similar


      Hoping someone can help with this.

      We currently print using a flat bed ink jet printer CMYK++(fixative) capable of printing several images at one time.


      We create the file using PS then use bridge and contact sheet II to create the print ready document.


      The issue is that contact sheet II makes you select a colour for the background of the document.


      If we choee white when we export as a PDF the printer interprets the white area as "coloured pixels" and prints our fixative ink over the entire background rather than under the pixel of the image.


      I need to be able to use a contact sheet type solution but be able to preservice the background transparency to stop this from happening.


      Any suggestion?

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          Contact Sheet II runs just like an action, so even though the end result is a flattened image, there are still history steps in that image. The last step should be that flattening. So if you open the History panel directly after creating a contact sheet, you should be able to undo the flatten. Then you can simply delete the backgroung layer (which is filled with the color of your choice). Then you can print, the areas around your thumbnails will remain transparent. Do not re-flatten the image after deleting the background layer as this will create a new background layer, and no transparent pixels are allowed in the background layer.