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    Presenter and Video Creator Crashes - Webcam issues? USB? Video board config? HELP!


      Ok, I´ve been having this issue since Adobe Presenter 8. Then, with 8.1...and now with Adobe Presenter 9. I have already contacted Adobe Chat Support and the problem was not solved, even after the support guy used Adobe Connect to see and control my desktop. I need help to fix this, please guys help me out.


      Ok, what´s the problem?


      I open Adobe Video Creator 9 (64 bits), stand-alone. My webcam turns on. I see myself, everything fine. I click REC and start recording. I finish. Playback the video I recorded and edit it. Publish it. Everything ok. I close Adobe Video Creator. Now this is the problem: if I try to open Video Creator again, stand alone, it simply does not open anymore. Nothing happens. Even if I try to open it from within Powerpoint. I choose some presentation and click RECORD on the Presenter TAB. Powerpoint goes to presentation mode but Creator does not launch, neither does my webcam. So I think to myself, I´ll restart the machine. So be it. When it´s up back again, nothing. Creator simply does not launch ANYMORE. The only way to get it back working is uninstalling it, removing preferences, and installing it back again. So, it´s just a matter of using one more time and BAM, crashes again. Uninstall, reinstall... countless times. So I have a one time only attempt to record anything...otherwise...


      My desktop configuration is:


      DX79SI Intel Mobo - Intel i7 3930

      32 RAM - Windows 7 ultimate installed on 512 OCZ Vertex 4 ssd hd, plus 2 seagate 2Tb 7200rpm.

      Webcam is Logitech C920 - Yeti USB microphone (Both are recommended by Adobe as compatible hardwares)

      GTX690 Nvidia videocard with the latest nvidia Driver (320.49)


      All drivers/bios are up to date. All of them.


      Office 2013 professional - 32bits. (would that be the problem??? I have a Sony Vaio notebook with office 2010 and presenter works fine there).


      There are other ways to make Adobe Presenter/Creator 9 crash in my desktop:


      1) Open Creator and turn off the webcam using that button on/off. Try to open the webcam again....CRASH. Same problems...uninstall, reinstall...

      2) Make a powerpoint recording...when finished: crash...

      3) Open Creator PREFERENCES, try to change any configuration (like quality (HD/SD)) of the webcam...CRASH.


      All crashes are shown with the classic "Adobe Presenter has stopped working" error.


      I have already tried to connect my webcam in USB2.0 port...and USB3.0 port... nothing.

      I have tried to set up Nvidia control pannel with all possible configurations regarding control over applications. Nothing.

      One thing must be mentioned: After the crash, I still can record AUDIO with powerpoint, in the presenter tab. The problem regards video only.


      Can somebody from Adobe...or a more experienced user help me? I need to use presenter a lot...Camtasia was simply not working for me.

      My email is profcarlosmathias@gmail.com


      Help me guys!