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    Resources or Book for getting started

    wizbowes Level 1

      I'm trying to get to grips with Extension Builder.  I have fairly simple needs - however they go beyond the ability of Configurator.  I'm comfortable with jsx scripting and configurator, and develop in Delphi - so I'm not a total beginner - although with action script / Extension Builder I am. 


      I'm struggling to find the correct resources to get me started as it's not clear to me exactly what I need to learn.  Should I be looking for a Flashbuilder application guide - or shoudl I be looking for some other book?


      To provide a little more context - I want to create is a menu that's populated when photoshop starts with text from a file.  Looks like the pop-up menu in a panel is the component to do this - but I need to learn how to read the file and populate the menu and assign actions.  The menu items should then call a jsx code (or other method of shelling out if required) with a parameter.  So if the text file contains:


      'Text Item 1',1

      'Text Item 2',2

      'Text Item 3',5


      Then I want three menu items labelled 'Text Item 1', 'Text Item 2' and 'Text Item 3' where selecting the menu items calls a jsx with parameters 1,2 and 5 respectively. I've happily done this in Bridge using a jsx script - but doing this in photoshop seems a different kettle of fish...


      So - are there any recommenations for dummies guides to help me through this?


      thanks in advance!