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    Why is my sound different in my time line from my Source monitor

    The great dog Chippie

      The sound volume becomes less or not existant for a number of frames in 2 clips in my video. When I drag my video clip from the source monitor  into my time line, the sound is fine in my source monitor.  However, the sound becomes much lower for a few frames or drops out completlely when I drag it over to the timeline. This happens for only a few frames in 2 clips. When I tried to correct it in audition, the sound clip plays fine in audtion, but is still at a lower/nonexistant volume in the timeline. The frequency distribution says it should be playing correctly, but it is not. Anyone experience this situation and know how to correct it?


      Specs... Windows 7 64 Bit; intel core Quad CPU Q9400 2.66 GHZ; 8 GB ram; Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series