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    browsers crash when loading the swf!

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      Hi all

      using Mac OSX. Safari, FireFox and Opera sometimes crash when opening this page:

      sometimes they don't crash... It seems random, but they often crash.

      There is something wrong with the swf for sure:
      the grey frame (grey lines) that draw at the beginning are not displaying properly, although they
      are displayed properly in authoring mode. (in authoring mode, two additional lines are drawn, but
      they are invisible in the published swf).

      The browsers started crashing when I changed the publish settings to flash version 8 (was previously
      flash version 6).

      I can't figure out why these lines are invisible in the published file, and why my browsers randomly
      crash when I open this page.

      Has anyone experienced this before?...

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          the most common problems when going from 6 to 8, are:

          1. and undefined variable (that's incremented or decremented)
          2. a misspelling - myMC was the same as mymc in flash 6, but not in 8.

          with a problem causing a browser crash look for an out-of-control loop (like a for-loop or while-loop) that may be creating objects.